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Master Market Volatility: Proven Long-Term Investing Tips

Daily volatility can make investing in the stock market challenging for many investors. A recent tweet highlights this dilemma: “If you think it’s hard to buy stocks today because they look expensive, imagine how hard it will be to buy them when they finally look cheap.” Investors often hesitate when stock prices are high, fearing […]

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CPP Contributions: Pros and Cons

  As the population ages and many Canadians choose to remain in the workforce past the traditional retirement age, understanding the implications of contributing to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) becomes increasingly important. The decision to contribute to CPP after age 65 has benefits and drawbacks, which must be carefully considered to make an informed

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Capital Gains Inclusion Rate Increase

The Federal Government announced that the capital gains inclusion rate will increase from 50% to 66.7% for trusts, corporations, and individuals (above $250,000 in gains). This announcement has caused much anxiety for Canadians with capital property.  However, before making any rash decisions, we believe you should consider the following: Timeline for selling. Would your timeline

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Investment Opportunities Exist All Around The Globe

Investment opportunities exist all around the globe, but the randomness of global stock returns makes it exceedingly difficult to figure out which markets are likely to be outperformers. How should investors deal with this kind of uncertainty? First, they should remember that it’s challenging, at best, to predict a country’s returns by looking at the

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US Election

We are 11 months away from another US election. And this major event prompts many questions for investors in the US and worldwide. Should the party in power change my investment strategy? If a Republican wins, should I increase my stock market holdings? Investors love a good narrative to form an investment decision. But, it

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