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We provide tax efficient solutions to help you manage and build your wealth.

Toronto Tax advisors will help to manage your wealth

Income tax efficiency is an important component of your long-term financial plan.

Our experienced in-house tax professionals implement strategies that help you keep more of what you’ve earned throughout all stages of your financial journey.

Tax-smart strategies include:

  • Choosing tax-deferred and tax-exempt options
  • Optimizing tax-preferred income in non-registered plans
  • Establishing trusts and endowments
  • Splitting income among family members
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Who can benefit from tax planning service?

  • Self-employed individuals
  • Employed individuals
  • Owner-managers
  • Business owners
  • Professionals

Why TMFG for Tax Planning Strategies in Canada?

  • Over 50 years of financial planning expertise
  • Licensed individuals for complex estate tax planning strategies
  • In-house tax professional (CPA)
  • Intimate knowledge of all clients’ financial information (i.e. cashflow; net worth; insurance; estate distribution; etc.)

Meet Our Tax Planning Team

You don’t have to live with uncertainty about your future. Instead, you can know you’re on track to maintain your standard of living in retirement and have enough left over to have some fun while you’re at it!

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Tax advisors typically provide advice and guidance in one piece of an individual’s financial situation – tax. A financial advisor considers all pieces of an individual’s financial situation and creates a plan that encompasses all elements

A proper tax plan requires a complete understanding of an individual’s financial picture. A cashflow statement – details of all income sources; net worth statement – assets and the details of their acquisition.

One problem with tax planning is the focus on one element of an individual’s financial situation. Strategies to reduce taxes may have a negative impact to other parts of their financial situation.

By utilizing tax strategies and other tools, an individual can reduce their taxes payable to benefit their current and future financial positions.

The earlier the better. The year that an individual starts earning taxable income is the opportune time to think about ways to reduce tax.

Your wealth increases with every dollar that remains with you and not with the CRA. Strategies employed to reduce your taxes payable not only preserve your wealth but grow it as well.

Tax deferral means to delay paying tax on income, until a future event. Tax-exempt means taxes are not payable on income earned.  An example of a Tax-deferred account is a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (“RRSP”).  You do not pay tax on the money until withdrawn.  An example of a tax-exempt account is a Tax Free Savings Account (“TFSA”).  You do not pay tax on investment income earned nor on any withdrawals.

Any type of account that provides deferral or exemption of tax is beneficial for retirement. It is not a cookie-cutter answer, but both accounts can be utilized in a retirement cashflow plan.

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