2017 NEW INSURANCE RULES; huge potential to save taxes prior to the deadline…


Time sensitive…

Attention business owners! In January 2017, corporate insurance rules will be amended, that will severely limit your ability to invest tax efficiently within your policy. What does this mean for you – a potentially larger income tax liability. If a corporate insurance strategy fits within your long-term financial plan, then time is of the essence.

We invite you to join us for our upcoming complimentary workshop we call the “Lunch & Learn” series. Each month we will be introducing new and interesting topics. Invest just 60 minutes and it could save you and your family tens of thousands.

This event took place at the Thornhill Golf & Country Club on Mon. Aug. 29th, 2016 between 12:00 and 1:00pm.

You will learn:

  • How to get money out of your corporation tax free
  • Why you will need to act prior to January 2017
  • How you can reduce or eliminate estate erosion
  • How your estate can avoid being taxed at the highest marginal tax rate
  • How to take action today

About Our Speakers

Martin GrimbaAs a Regional Vice-President, Estate Planning Martin Grimba is well-positioned to deal with the technical aspects of our clients’ more complex situations. He works to mitigate risk, protect assets, and provide tax deferral strategies and solutions that allow a smooth transition of estate or business assets to the beneficiaries or surviving partners. He provides in-depth information on various insurance products and services that compliment the overall wealth management for our clients.

Prior to joining Assante Estate and Insurance Services Inc. in July 2000, Martin has been in the insurance industry since 1981 in various field and head office marketing roles; most recently in personal production and prior to that as Marketing and Brokerage Manager for Manulife in Mississauga, Ontario. With access to a wealth of tools and resources, Assante advisors are supported by the insurance specialists at Assante Estate and Insurance Services Inc.

Carmen CudmoreJoining us in January of 2016, Carmen Cudmore is a welcome addition to our team. She is the resident insurance expert, providing insurance solutions and services through Assante Estate and Insurance Services Inc. Carmen brings a wide array of knowledge to our team with her license in Life Insurance. A Laurentian University alumnus and graduate of the Law & Security program at Cambrian College, Carmen entered the world of finance in 2014 with Investors Group after four years in the mining industry in Sudbury.

At this workshop Carmen will educate us with her interactive presentation on some of the key benefits to all Permanent Life Insurance Policies.

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