Nothing is better than Pairing Chocolate with Wine

glass of wine

We invite you to join us for our upcoming complimentary lunch and learn workshop. Each month we will be introducing new and interesting topics.

This event took place at the Thornhill Golf & Country Club on Monday, December 8th between 12:00 and 1:00pm.

Pairing your favorite chocolate with the right wine will create an unforgettable sensory experience. Come join us to explore the decadently sweet and savoury art of wine and chocolate pairing on Monday, December 8th between 12:00 and 1:00pm.

We will cover:

  • The history of chocolate
  • The health benefits
  • Points of its origin
  • The art of chocolate and wine pairing
    • Smell wine… Twirl the wine in a glass and breathe in all of the aromas in a long, smooth whiff.
    • Look at Chocolate… Note the decoration, sheen, and if possible the perceived flavor.
    • Smell Chocolate… Lightly rub the chocolate’s exterior, place towards the nose and smell the chocolate to stimulate your senses.
    • Taste Chocolate… Take a small bite and rest the tongue for 10-15 seconds. Notice how different aspects of the chocolate’s composition melt at different times, and your senses highlight multiple flavors throughout the experience.
    • Taste Wine… Take a sip of wine and sense the balance and complexity of the chocolate and wine on your palette. Start to move the chocolate around your mouth and lightly bite.

Join us, and ask the questions you want to know.


Kevin Richards Kevin Richards 

His passion for chocolate began at a very young age and even as a child liked to create chocolate combinations, even if it was simply taking chocolate and dipping it in peanut butter. There are many who claim to like chocolate…

Kevin is a true chocolate lover. After tasting Belgium truffles for the first time in his early 20s he was hooked on the finer chocolates. Always enjoying chocolate at any opportunity but now only truly appreciating the better quality pralines and truffles.

Having a very artistic background and being an out-of-the-box thinker led to even more creativity. Making chocolates at holiday get-togethers for family and friends led to inspiration from their responses to his delicious creations. It was time to take this to the next level.

Kevin Richards successfully completed his Professional Chocolatiers Diploma with Honours and still felt the desire to take it to an even higher level. This time it was to study in Aalst and Brussels in Belgium, successfully completing as a Belgium Maitre (Master) Chocolatier.

Kevin’s creations are becoming well sought after as everything is hand created and an original recipe.


Contact Zahra Buchanan at Become the chocolate connoisseur you always wanted to be or call 905 771 5200X229

This is a complimentary event. Lunch will be provided by The McClelland Financial Group.

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