Insurance Planning: Open Forum


Life, Disability, Long-Term, Travel
and Health and Dental Insurance.

What are your questions? We have the answers.

We invite you to join us for our upcoming complimentary workshop we call the “Lunch & Learn” series. Each month we will be introducing new and interesting topics. Invest just 60 minutes and it could save you and your family thousands of dollars…

This event took place at the Thornhill Golf & Country Club on Monday, March 23, 2015 between 12:00 and 1:30pm.

Due to an overwhelming amount of questions that are coming through our office about insurance we decided to create a workshop to help clients and guests get the answers they are looking for and guide them to make the right decisions for their future.

Risk management…Isn’t that why we have insurance?

We know there are risks in life that are unavoidable and therefore we need to take the necessary steps to manage these risks.

Did you know:

  • that you can still get insurance even if you had health issues?
  • that you should never renew your term policy?
  • that pre-existing conditions are not covered with travel insurance?
  • that annual travel insurance may not be covering you for a whole year?
  • the limits of your group insurance plan and when it’s better to get your own plan?
  • that some insurance premiums are tax deductible?

Join us, and ask the questions you want to know.

These are just some of the serious concerns facing Canadians. Mike Connon, Carlo Cansino and Jorge Ramos will discuss how these issues affect Canadians and present simple solutions on how to make wiser decisions.

About Our Speaker

Jorge Ramos

Jorge Ramos, CFP, CLU, CHS
Senior Estate Planning Consultant

Jorge started in the life insurance industry 20 years ago as a career agent with London Life. After 10 years as an advisor, Jorge went corporate, by working for the head office of one of Canada’s top insurance companies as their in-house insurance expert.

Over this time, Jorge has risen to the peak of the insurance industry by securing the relevant industry designations, such as CFP, CLU, CHS. (Certified Financial Planner. Chartered Life Underwriter and Certified Health Specialist).

He is also an avid Traveller and a Triathlete, having completed his first Olympic Triathlon this past summer. Jorge is married with 2 girls and a recent addition to the family – a 6 week old puppy.

Jorge’s role is to help clients mitigate the risks that come from death, disability and illnesses. All the best financial planning can be destroyed without properly offsetting these unavoidable risks.

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