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A special message from the TMFG team

Rob McClelland has been named one of Canada's Top Financial Advisors 2022 by The Globe and Mail and Shook Research


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How do the RRSP contribution carry forward rules work? What are the rules about RRSP carry forwards? Should you ever contribute the full amount?
"As soon as a taxpayer starts to earn income—like employment income, self-employment income, royalties, research grants or net rental income—they accumulate room for their registered retirement savings plan (RRSP). There are no age limits, so a teenager with a part-time job can start to build their RRSP room as long as they file a tax return to report their earned income."

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Michael Ams B.Com.
Strategic Associate
The McClelland Financial Group of Assante Capital Management Ltd.

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Light Read – Useful and Relevant


TFSA 2023

It’s official – 2023 TFSA contribution room is $6,500! Be sure to make the adjustments to your pre-authorized contributions to utilize all the room.

Let’s take this time to remind ourselves of some of the benefits of the Tax Fee Savings Account.

In reality, the vehicle was misnamed from its inception. A more accurate name would have been the Tax Free Investment Account. In too many instances I have spoken with prospective clients who have their TFSAs in savings accounts (i.e. cash). I can’t blame them because the name suggests it.

TFSAs can hold most investments that are eligible in other registered accounts (i.e. stocks; bonds; mutual funds; ETFs; etc.). The tax-free growth available within the TFSA is better utilized with investments that provide higher growth and income potential.

As of January 1, 2023, the maximum that an individual can have invested since the inception of the TFSA (since 2009) is $88,000. In a 2-person household, it is $176,000 – a fairly significant amount of tax free growth opportunity.

TFSAs also provide liquidity opportunities because there is no tax implication upon withdrawal. In fact, you do not lose the contribution room if you were to withdraw any amount. You receive the withdrawal amount back as contribution room in the next calendar year.

For estate planning purposes, you can designate a beneficiary for your TFSA, similar to other registered accounts. In addition, a spouse receives the added benefit of the “successor annuitant” designation. This designation allows the surviving spouse to accept the deceased spouse’s TFSA into their own, regardless of contribution room available.

If you have the resources to use the contribution room, then you should. There is no downside to utilizing the TFSA. For more information please contact your TMFG advisor.

Carlo Cansino FMA, FCSI, CFP®
Senior Financial Planner
The McClelland Financial Group of Assante Capital Management Ltd.

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Podcast – Listen to Mike and Rob and their latest thoughts and industry insights

Think Smart

Conflicts of Interest That Impact Your Investments

Conflicts of interest exist everywhere in the marketplace. They may be hidden in places you would never suspect. Join Senior Financial Advisors Rob McClelland and Mike Connon as they discuss George Athanassakos‘s article on conflicts of interest in the investing world. How they affect portfolio managers, analysts, rating agencies, and even the financial media.




Does the US Election Impact the Markets?

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