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Our shared values are simple…
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The McClelland Financial Group Scholarship aims to both give and do.

We make a special effort every year to include at least two fundraising, volunteer or community outreach efforts in our team activities.

Not to mention the team’s outside efforts to be involved in things like Sporting Life 10K run and We Walk for Water. Every year The McClelland Financial Group of Assante Capital Management Ltd.  along with our clients collects over 300 toys and cash for CHUM City Wish foundation which brings toys to children who may otherwise not receive anything during the holiday season.

We also run food drives around the holidays to help all local families in need.

The Annual
McClelland Financial Group Scholarship

As a reflection of our commitment to education, and as part of our advocacy in the arena of equal access to higher learning, we are proud to sponsor The McClelland Financial Group Scholarship. Every year, two scholarships valued at $2500 each will be awarded to 2 exceptional students. The scholarship application is open to students (family of TMFG clients) who are entering their first, second, third and fourth year of post-secondary education.

Annual Scholarship Winners

Andrew MoserWe are pleased to announce Andrew Moser as the winner of the 2020 The McClelland Financial Group Scholarship in the amount of $1,500.


“I am currently studying Engineering at the University of Toronto. I am a positive, outgoing and athletic person that loves taking initiatives. I thrive in a setting where I can take on challenges and learn new things. I enjoy trying new things and stepping out of my comfort zone. This includes public speaking in front of large crowds and giving presentations. In the future, I hope to work for an engineering firm and make a change in the world.”

Egheghe Ade-AkhaniWe are pleased to announce Egheghe Ade-Akhani as the winner of the 2019 The McClelland Financial Group Scholarship in the amount of $1,500.

Rachel BoyerWe are pleased to announce Rachel Boyer as the winner of the 2018 The McClelland Financial Group Scholarship in the amount of $1,500.

Kathleen TurnerWe are pleased to announce Kathleen Turner as the winner of the 2017 The McClelland Financial Group Scholarship in the amount of $1,500.


Emily has volunteered for over 250 hours, maintained jobs throughout high school and graduated with a 96% average. A sports enthusiast in soccer, hockey and volleyball and now a freshman working towards her Hons.B.Sc., she has started her journey to pursue her goal of a medical degree and to eventually work in pediatric psychiatry or neurology.

Her mission statement discusses “Moving forward into my adult life I will maintain my strong work ethic and conduct myself with compassion and empathy. While staying true to my realism, I will set goals that will challenge myself and I will stop at nothing to work towards them.”

Her recommendations from various institutions repeated over and over again how wonderful a person Emily is becoming inside and out. An example of this is “Emily demonstrates a strong work ethic with an attention to detail that so few others her age do. She is a genuine leader and has the ability to command the respect of her peers while also being gifted at bringing out the best in others. She has an astonishing ability to illuminate the most complex of concepts to her classmates. She’s also the kind of person who can play three sets of volleyball and not break a sweat, and yet underneath her elegant surface lies a fierce competitor with an adventurous spirit. But perhaps what is more impressive, is her ability to balance her life as a student, an athlete, and an honourable citizen.”

Emily believes planning, research and budgeting are essential tools that contribute to financial responsibility and should be taught and practiced young. Many youths are being thrown into an adult world with the expectation of being financially independent with little or no experience managing money. Being able to plan and budget-based can start as early as the use of an allowance in children.

Her current financial goal is to graduate from university debt-free…Great Goal Emily!!!

Emily with all your motivation, spirit and drive we know you will do something great. So.. Get going. Move forward. Aim High.

Here at The McClelland Financial Group, we are proud to award Emily with a $1,500 scholarship. Emily, we are confident that you will succeed in whatever endeavour to which you set your mind. The world is yours to discover, and we are excited to hear updates on your journey in learning and knowledge.

Warm regards,
The McClelland Financial Group


“Financial responsibility is a multifaceted skill that spans over generations and various scenarios in everyone’s lives. From learning to ration an allowance, to navigating post-secondary expenses or opening an RESP, financial responsibility is the ability to plan based on financial knowledge, and more importantly execute that plan to the best of your abilities.

To me, this responsibility means creating budgets both long term and short term that allow me to pursue a post-secondary education in science and hopefully enter medical school debt free. By reducing expenses wherever possible, staying aware and knowledgeable about my financial position and continually working hard, my goal is to enter the work force in medicine either debt free or close to it.

This scholarship money has not only been a wonderful reinforcer of good time management habits and hard work, but will also be directly deposited into my savings for post-secondary tuition in order to help me achieve my goals of financial stability as a young adult. This has encouraged me to continue working hard and will be a great supplement for my educational savings.

I am extremely honoured to be a recipient of the award.  I am extremely grateful for the recognition and support of my efforts in academics and the community.  In my first few months in Life Science at McMaster University, I have gained an even greater respect for the value of education and the financial investment it requires, and would just like to sincerely thank The McClelland Financial Group for all of their support in my educational endeavours.”


We are pleased to announce Liam Donaghy as the winner of the 2015 McClelland Scholarship in the amount of $1,500.

Liam is a recent graduate of Cardinal Carter Academy where he achieved honour roll status 4 times, and was accepted into university with a 92% average. But academics don’t tell the whole story. Liam was a member of the senior wind ensemble, played tennis and badminton and was an active tutor for his peers in math and science. He also participated in the Western University Science Olympics and received the top score for his school this year in the Canadian Senior Mathematics Contest.

Liam’s extra curricular hobbies include playing piano, guitar and trumpet. He was the captain of his hockey team last year and the assistant coach for a younger team in the same league where he has played for the past 10 years. A true athlete, he also loves playing soccer and baseball, and even serves as an umpire for the North York Baseball Association…WOW Impressive!!!

Liam also believes in helping out his community and has been honoured to receive a bronze level of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, which recognizes outstanding achievement in community service, skill development, physical recreation and outdoor adventure. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program is available to everyone. It allows individuals to challenge themselves and grow and mature in a supportive environment with their peers. Liam is also an active volunteer within his neighbourhood community centre. In the winter months he is part of a team which established a natural outdoor ice rink when a city counsellor sent out a call for help.

Liam says “My mission is to live a full and rewarding life surrounded by a supportive community of family, friends and colleagues. My goal is to live this life with financial stability, a social conscience and a passion for what brings me to work every day. Professionally, my ambition is to establish a career in the field of applied science, and continue to be a strong collaborator and lifelong learner.”

His current financial goal is to graduate university debt-free…Great Goal Liam!!!

Liam will start University in September 2015 in the Chemical Engineering Program. He has also qualified for the $2000 assurance scholarship program.

Liam you are definitely on your way to having a fantastic journey secured by your maturity and your motivation to succeed.

Here at The McClelland Financial Group, we are proud to award Liam with a $1,500 scholarship. Liam, we are confident that you will succeed in whatever endeavour to which you set your mind. The world is yours to discover, and we are excited to hear updates on your journey in learning and knowledge. Once again congratulations Liam; we hope this helps put a dent in your tuition.

Warm regards,
The McClelland Financial Group


“Responsibility in any area of life starts with knowledge and includes a plan to apply that knowledge with commitment and accountability. For me, financial responsibility started with learning the value of money from a young age, as I was given the opportunity to practice earning, spending and saving money.

Making responsible financial decisions as a young adult requires some knowledge of money management principles along with conscious decision making. I make an effort to continuously consider needs versus wants, and look beyond immediate gain by setting my mind to long term goals. This has allowed me to effectively balance my income with wise spending, saving and investment choices. Thinking about potential purchases before swiping my debit card, as well as reviewing monthly bank statements, has helped me to avoid any accumulation of debt. This way I am able to keep my daily financial choices on track and aligned with my overall financial plan.

Setting saving goals for larger purchases, travel, education and potential emergencies are important to consider in advance. Something as simple as directly investing monetary gifts received on special occasions, has helped me to prepare for many of these longer term financial goals such as saving for post-secondary education.

I am honoured to receive this generous scholarship and am grateful to The McClelland Financial Group for the recognition and financial support this award offers me. I am looking forward to starting my undergraduate studies in chemical engineering at the University of Toronto this September. This scholarship will supplement my education savings fund and be applied directly to my university tuition.”

Jake Ranot

We are pleased to announce Jake Ranot as the 2013 winner of the 2013 McClelland Scholarship in the amount of $2,500. As the 18-year-old son of one of our clients, Jake has demonstrated academic excellence that he has balanced in tandem with his community service and extra-curricular activities. Jake’s academic standing of a 94% average was far from average. His efforts have paid off and earned him admission to study in London at Western University’s Biochemistry program. Jake is not only an outstanding student, he also engaged in various sports including serving as captain of his high school’s all-boys swim team in his final year, a football coach for the Toronto Flag Football League and has entered many races, including the Sporting Life 10k Run for Kids with Cancer. But it doesn’t stop there. Jake has co-founded a multicultural committee dedicated to engaging all Canadians in a celebration of diversity, was on his high school debate team, and served as a lifeguard and canoe specialist at a camp in Ottawa. Despite his youth, Jake has lofty goals and aspires to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree. Following his undergraduate studies, Jake hopes to gain admission to medical school, where he would like to work towards curing the world of one less disease in his lifetime. As Jake puts it, “My mission is to shape myself into a human scientist. The scientist will strive to make the world a better place by helping people live healthier lives. The human being will make the world a better place by touching people’s souls. My joy will come from these achievements.” Ah, to be young again! Here at The McClelland Financial Group, we are proud to award Jake with a $2,500 scholarship. Jake, we are confident that you will succeed in whatever endeavour you set your mind to. The world is yours to discover, and we are excited to hear updates on your journey in learning and knowledge. Once again congratulations Jake; we hope this puts a dent in your tuition.

Warm regards,
The McClelland Financial Group

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