Why is it important to keep your meetings?

As a client of The McClelland Financial Group (“TMFG”), you have become accustomed to having our next meeting scheduled in the current one.  This is an effective method of ensuring we maintain consistent contact.  But, we understand life gets busy, and meetings get cancelled.

Given our past experience, cancelled meetings should be rescheduled immediately.  Otherwise, life will continue to be busy and there will never be a convenient time to reschedule.

Here are 5 reasons why, it is important to keep your meeting or reschedule a cancelled one:

  1. Keep up with current market conditions.  Volatility in the market can be a cause for concern for some clients.  If there is not consistent contact from an objective voice, then there is more opportunity for bad behaviour.  Keep your questions for your financial advisor, not your neighbours, family members, or friends.
  2. Busy schedule.  Cancelling a meeting means you are giving up your dedicated time with your advisor.  It may be difficult to reschedule a meeting soon after your cancelled meeting if your advisor’s schedule does not allow.
  3. Changes to your life.  Life is dynamic and we know that it can change on a dime.  Cancelling your meeting may not afford you the time to discuss these changes with your advisor so that it can be updated in your plan.
  4. Time with your advisor is limited.  At TMFG, we dedicate a specific amount of time for your meetings (i.e. 90 minutes).  If you meet with your advisor semi-annually, then you have 3 hours with your advisor for the year.  If you cancel one meeting, you only have 90 minutes.  This may not be enough time for all necessary updates.
  5. Have at least 1 in-person meeting.   The pandemic showed us that we can all adapt to the environment around us.  Even our least “techy” clients became zoom experts for our “virtual meetings”.  That said, the convenience of virtual meetings should not deter you from meeting in-person at the office.  At home, there are many opportunities to be distracted (i.e. barking dog; crying children; ringing doorbell; laundry to be done; etc.).  It is a more effective meeting at the office where we can leverage the resources, technology, and manpower to provide a great experience.

Scheduling meetings has never been easier at TMFG.  Your phone calls are always answered by a friendly voice and not a voice-prompt system.  And, our online scheduling application (Calendly) is set up for your advisor’s schedule.  Feel free to use either method to schedule or reschedule your meetings.  We look forward to seeing you in the office.

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