Tips to keep you healthy this fall


With the change in seasons, comes cooler temperatures. We all have high hopes to keep healthy throughout the Fall and Winter months, especially now with COVID-19 lingering with threats of a second wave. There are some things we can do however, to increase our odds of remaining healthy throughout the next several months.

  1. Take a vitamin D supplement or some other form of immunity booster, even vitamin C would do you good – whether it be in pill form or adding some extra oranges to your diet.
  2. To encourage your immune system even more, make sure you’re eating a balanced diet full of fruits, veggies and protein. Drink plenty of water throughout the day as well.
  3. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and take some time for yourself. Your body needs enough sleep to be able to fight off those nasty bugs so this might mean squeezing in a nap or two when you can. You may also want to try going to bed an hour or two earlier for the week leading up to Daylight Savings Time (November 1st) so you’re not playing catch up afterwards.
  4. With the colder weather we tend to keep indoors more, however it is still just as important to keep active during the winter months. Get out for some snowboarding/skiing, a leisurely Fall/Winter walk on a trail or working out in your new home-gym – thanks COVID!
  5. I’m sure it has been instilled in our brains to wash our hands by now, but it is one simple thing you can do throughout the day to stay flu-free.
  6. And with washing hands and dry weather comes dry skin! Make sure you’re stocked up on moisturizer because you’ll be needing it (maybe moisturizer will be the next thing to go on rations instead of toilet paper).
  7. Lastly, if you’re a believer in the flu shot, make sure you book your appointment! Flu shots come available in October.

Hopefully you can take-away at least a few of these tips and implement them into your daily routine to have a happy and healthy Fall/Winter. As always, stay safe!

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