How Will Holistic Financial Planning Give My Life Direction?

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Like most people, when you think of your life, you probably visualize a series of major milestones, acquisitions and events. Buying your first home. Yearly family vacations. Sending your children to university. Finally focusing on your favourite hobby once you retire.

Now, take a moment to look at these images and vignettes from an aerial view—how do they fit together financially? Does saving for one come before purchasing another? How much should you spend at each stage so that you will have enough to retire comfortably? Which investments should you choose so that you can wisely save and build your money towards these milestones?

The answer to these questions is holistic financial planning.

Convert your Wealth from Individual Buckets into an Organized System
Having a holistic approach to your wealth means no longer thinking of your money as individual “buckets”, such as your income account, your mortgage, your automobile expenses, your education savings plan and your retirement fund. Instead, your finances will be organized holistically into a “system” comprised of individual parts that work together to achieve multiple financial goals at the same time.

Working with a financial advisor to set up a holistic financial plan is a simple way to manage all of the wealth, investment and money management decisions you need to make in order to retire comfortably. Knowing that all of your income, savings, expenses and investments are working in unison under the direction of one trusted advisor is one of the best ways of getting financial control and peace of mind.

Organize your Finances With a Holistic Financial Plan
At The McClelland Financial Group, our financial advisors are here to help you set up a holistic financial plan that meets your short and medium-term financial goals, while ensuring that you are putting away enough money to retire on your terms. Our advisors will sit with you and your spouse, review all aspects of your income and wealth, and show you how to convert your finances into an organized system that enables each area to work together like a smooth, well-calibrated, directed machine.

Our proprietary holistic financial planning services include:
• Investment Planning • Estate PlanningInsurance PlanningTax Minimization StrategiesRetirement PlanningLegacy Planning • Special Needs Planning

For further clarification of this topic, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the office.

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