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When something drastic happens in your life, such as a loved one passing, who is left to pick up the pieces? The significant other is usually left to deal not only with their grief, but with all the responsibilities of the life changing event. This only adds physical and mental stress on top of all the emotional trauma.

We here at the McClelland Financial Group have made great efforts to get copies of all of our clients’ wills and tax returns. Sometimes we are asked the questions “why do you need this?” and “what does this have to do with my investments?”

Unfortunately one of the things we do deal with in our business is what happens when someone passes away. Many times we are one of the first calls made when someone dies. Many times the person calling has no idea what to do or where to start.

Our goals have always been not only to help make our clients life easy, but to also make their loved ones’ lives easy.

The first and most important thing is that the kids know where to get the information. Where do you keep your will? Where is your powers of attorney? Where are all the investments held? Who is paying the pensions? Is there insurance? Has a funeral been pre-paid or pre-arranged? Is there a family cemetery plot? Is it paid for? What type of ceremony is wanted? Do they want to be buried or cremated? What do they want done with the ashes?

As you can imagine, this is so much to take on in a period of grief. Because we meet with you on a regular basis, we can gather all this information and keep it up to date. Sometimes it is easier to discuss these wishes with us rather than family members, as it can be a very emotional topic.

In your upcoming meetings we will be reviewing with you some estate planning tools and something we call “My Final Wishes”TM. This will make all your wishes clear to your family.

Our job is to simplify your life. We want your time to be spent enjoying you life not worrying about these matters.

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